Unknown Album (A​-​SIDE)

by The Other Ingredients

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1st Album by The Other Ingredients (A-SIDE)


released April 4, 2016



all rights reserved


The Other Ingredients Edinburg, Texas

2 man acoustic / kazoo kissed act

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Track Name: Haha (Song)
Drinn: you ready?

Marco: why yes i am ready i was born to get high
i was born to get high

Drinn: hahaha haha woo woo

Marco: cocain weed and lsd

Drinn: with just a little of each

Marco: i was born to get high

Drinn: with just a little of each

hahah high



i was born to get haha

marco: why yes I’m ready yes i was born to get high
yes i was born to get high

Drinn: now i got it.. ill tell em …

Track Name: AA // Cuntonme (Version 1)
When i see our sea it takes me back to the times when i was small hanging out at my grandmas house. we were to poor to afford that commercial shit. We were to poor too, shop at commercial shit. always shopping at the dollar store what it meant to me was such a good time. getting lost in the aisles man it feels like tie is passing me by,

passing me by now, i can’t see the ground. will someone please accompany me? can’t see the old ways batteries. I’ve had been talking out so now,

passing me by, see the empty pockets and desperate hands. don’t know why i can’t move but it never ends. yelling a dollar, but he knows always with a grin tho, hope that never ends. only a 1$ but he knows he’d still have to ask for those

double A batteries removed from my back and now i can’t seem to move, I’m suck in my tracks because someone removed my double A batteries.

Feel the bolts across my chest, guess they’ve always been there would of never guessed who pulled the batteries from me? who did, who pulled the batteries who did me in? who took my double A’s x3

I guess in a way that makes you a cunt,
a stupid CUNT
stupid mother fucking cunt!

Drin; fucking cunt

Marco: and don’t forget i have your guts

Drinn: your a bitch!

marco: stupid mother fucking cunt

Drinn: cunt, cunt cunt cunt!!

stay away!

breathing in everything you can take, you cunt!

marco: stupid cunt! and i hate yer guts! stupid fucking cunt!

Drinn: don’t like them, don’t want them. but we are them. your a fucking cunt, I’m a fucking cunt.

were all cunts.

cunt cunt cunt!
put my hands up to my face
hold the coldness feel the embrace head is spinning kinda numb - stoned to the maximum but i packed another one packed one stashed another one stashed another one got another got another one pop another sip another have another one another one pass it to me pass it to me baby girl pass it to me one more one more just one more. another one! another one! and another one!

laughing out, think I’m bleeding out from where could it be my eyes my fingers my toes? i cry
can’t feel exactly just where the pain comes from but i can tell you that its there oh its right there.

if i come back into reach with another one, think i might lose it to .. another one. if i had another one well bro id do another thing another thang, another thing. gimme that thang i want that thang. if i came in contact with another one another one.


aint no more just one more.. so theres another one.
just one more another one. count em theres one more.. another one.

and the heart burn it comes back. another one. oh.. oh
bubbles and troubles oh in my heart another one.
another one, just another one. okay another one
Track Name: Poppin' T'z N Missin' You (Version 2)
Marco: ill take it then ill leave it cause fuck the odds! I’m standing all alone cause I’m all i got, i used to have friends but they’re all getting shot! oh please tell me why! why! you had to die. you said you were with friends but i knew you were not instead you were out sucking some cock oh please tell me why you had to go and lie tell me why! why! you had to lie!

Drinn: “no more smoking green packs cause they crystal my lungs, but dare i pop one more and drink it down with this rum. you’d think id learn a lesson BUT aint no impression, there just the toll on my body i pay for learning no lessons! so while i fall apart ohhh baby tell me why you had to go and

Marco: please tell me why you had to go and die, you were so young my friend. you had seen your better days where we would just sit around and hang out blazing everyday but now those days are gone just like you! but let me remind you that your soul still lingers on no i swear i feel you next to me even tho you are buried 6 ft under my friend.

Drinn: so don’t you cry for me no I’ve always wanted to be next to you, right there in you, right next to your black dark curly hair but i just couldn’t fucking go on. to many strays and to many bargain trades. i don’t think you can feel me here anymore. so don’t you try no don’t you try to feel me no! I’ve taken half a bottle of jack d now theres a show.

both: and you can keep the left over crack right on the coffee table, keep it all I’m feeling six feet under

me: so don’t you cry for me

all chime in: nooooo

marco: don’t cry for me anymore

Drinn: bring in the kazoo solo
Track Name: Zzz Beyond My Sleep
There was some time ago that i once believed
that true love didn’t hurt and ventured what it’s worth
got it for the right price, and if i ever had the chance again id take it
thinking back, i had a second thought, should of ran with itm
when i had it
when i had it all
when i had it all

now i light another stick and i smoke it to the filter
down to the bare white burning carbon monoxide filling in my lung filling in my heart and all i wanna do is drown inside of you, but another one. oh. if you ever were to die id smoke your ashes right up, id lick the plate of dust

tasted just like pixie dust, just like it, pixy dust. oh so sweet, i lick it up,

now I’m just thinking wrong just thinking about loss
all I’m doing is thinking of you
i need to go gotta go get out of this fucking house
dropped the blade once or twice
dirty, but i got another knife in the back room stashed and its all mine with my initials carved in tho i only own it now nothing lasts forever now my chest still hurts its beating and it burns all i can do is think about i try to channel another fucking channel but there all blank static channels hurting my ears hurting my soul my soul. can’t tell its foggy now
never could see much at all
thoughts about right or wrong thoughts about another song thoughts about a baby cow thoughts about how i fucked it all up now
chest hurts now and I’m burning
chest hurts chest hurts don’t know what to do but i won’t won’t call you though.

sitting here ill stay here and ill have another beer and while ill sleep here instead of the can and its just enough to get the last strain of fog in me the last of the smoke.. burned completely out. now i fell over the spikes marco left here and it really fucking hurts all i wanted to do was fall asleep dear, get some sleep dear now I’m laying on studs and spikes, laying on studs and spikes now my back is hurting too and i aint got no more pills aint got no more Tz no more X’s or my Personal Z’zz
my personal Z'zzz

let me stand up open the bottom of the sink reach for them and i think ill pop not 1 or 2 but all of em can’t leave anything underneath the sink. falling down onto studs and spikes now, falling now and I’m out. now I’m out, completely out.


OH WAIt it hurts it burn oh hohoh it hurts it burns.